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Garage Door Repair

Jesica Veradi

So arriving home in the early morning from a much needed vacation to find out by my in laws that our garage door has been making some very noticeable noises. So I called up Etobicoke Garage Doors and Doors then they had a technician come out the same day. The torsion springs needed some maintenance as well as some other components that needed lubrication. it was very delightful and quick service. Many Thanks!

rock! Thanks so much.


Garage Door Panel Repair

Todd Bearman

After getting home from a long day at the park with the kiddos. After taking them inside I pulled the car into the garage and hit the button to shut the door. But oopsy, I forgot to pull up the emergency brake on my manual car and it ended up hitting the garage door!  After taking a second to calm down, I called Etobicoke Garage Doors and Doors and they had their tech come out and assessed the situation. On that same day the tech replaced one of the panels and my garage door looked like new again. I’m so thankful for all their help.


Garage Door Opener Repair

Elena McAddams

Working night shift is not an easy task. Especially when my garage door opener didn’t want to work last week. It was warming up my car in the garage while packing up to leave for work. When I went to push the button to open the door, it did not want to open. Being 3 in the morning I thought oh no I’m stuck. But Etobicoke Garage Doors and Doors came to my rescue. They repaired my faulty garage door opener sensors and within the hour I was on my way to work.  You guys are my heroes! Thanks so much!


Garage Door Track and Roller Replacement

Cristiano Suplivado

I called Etobicoke Garage Doors and Doors because my husband noticed a few issues with our garage door. They immediately sent out a tech to check it out and let us know what the issue was before going ahead and replacing the rollers and some cables that were worn out. It was done quickly and very affordable. I would very much recommend them to my family and friends.


Emergency Garage Door Repair

Gregory Matthews

My brother works nightshift and so he is not on the regular business hours like most people. When our garage door refused to open while he was home from work, I thought we were stuck. I decided to look up emergency garage door repair companies in the area anyway as I was secretly hoping that someone would be open. To my surprise, the guys at Etobicoke Garage Doors and Doors answered their phone and sent out a local technician. He quickly fixed our door and my brother was still able to get enough sleep for work! Thank you guys!!!