A door seems simple right? Its just wood put together to cover a hole in your wall. Well not that simple. There is multiple parts to a door that make up the shape and uphold the frame of it. Such as, top rail, lock rail, the mullions, lock stile and lock set and that’s just naming a few. The door is hook onto the frame by hinges and stickling. That is why it is smart to call on a professional door repair technician to repair your door and have it looking like new in no time. We are available to assist you with your door repair 7 days a week and to make this possible we hired local door repair technicians to our team, therefore ensuring that they know their way around the area and can get to our customers as quickly as possible. At Etobicoke Garage Doors and Doors, we don’t work the basic 9 to 5 hours like most companies in the city do, we operate 24 hours a day to help the residence out in the Etobicoke area.  Our door repair technicians will arrive to your address equipped with all the necessary tools and materials needed to repair any door issue that may arise. If you are in need of a 24-hour door repair company, then call on the professionals at Etobicoke Garage Doors and Doors to further assist you with your door repair any time of day.  Call now.


Over the years your door can take a lot of mishandling, especially with older homes or rental units. Older homes or rental units can endure a lot more exploitation than a newer home or renovated unit would such as damaged door jambs, rotting or soft wood, broken locks and even a simple squeaking. In all, a lot of issue may arise with your door, that is why Etobicoke Garage Doors and Doors and our team are here to provide our assistance with replacing your door whenever you may need us. Our door replacement technicians are put through in-depth training and are insured, bonded as well as advised of proper etiquette protocol. they will arrive on site with their vehicles equipped with all the necessary tools and materials needed to replace or repair any or all doors issues. Seeing as a door is a main point of entry to anyone’s home, its important to have it in good working condition always, which for that to happen means it requires regular maintenance.  Our technicians will provide some upkeep tips to ensure the longer use of your door without a reoccurring issue.  Don’t settle for a less than perfect job, call Etobicoke Garage Doors and Doors to get your door replacement job done and looking like new again at an affordable rate.  Call our customer service team today to assist you right now.


Needing a door replacement company isn’t always something that you can operate on a 9 am to 5 pm time frame like most companies do in the area. At Etobicoke Garage Doors and Doors, we operate all year round, 24 hours a day 7 days a week even holidays to better service our neighbours in the community of Etobicoke. A series of issue may occur that prevents your door from doing what it is supposed to do, which is stay closed and keep the outside world outside. We understand the feeling of unsafe that might be going through your mind when you cannot close or lock your door properly because its either disintegrating due to the rot or just broken in half. That is why our door replacement technicians make themselves available to our community of Etobicoke 24 hours a days in order to better assist our customers and bring back the feeling of safety to your home. Our door replacement technicians endure month upon months of training as well as shadowing a veteran technician to ensure they are capable of providing top quality door replacement to our customers. They will arrive to your home with their vehicle fully loaded with all the essential tools and materials need to get the job done the same day. Give our customer service team a call today and see how we may further assist you in the replacement of your door. We’ll be waiting on your call.