Door hinge allows a door to open and close by pivoting on one edge and limiting the movement to the object that it is attached to. Hinges contain two plates that are also known as leaves are joined by a pin that allows that the door to open and close in one motion. There is all sorts of hinges and range in motion and how you use your door. Hinges come in all shapes and sizes and strength. Some are made for basic residential doors and others for heavy duty industrial doors, as well as there is exterior hinges that are made to withstand all kinds of weather and interior hinges for all indoor models of doors. With numerous motions in a day, over years hinges can wear and tear. Just like many items that we use day to day, hinges require a bit of care to avoid complete destruction of it. The door repair and replacement technicians at Etobicoke Garage Doors and Doors are here to assist the community of Etobicoke with any issues they may have with their door hinges. Our door repair and replacement technicians carry all sorts of hinges in their vehicle which supplies all the tools and materials needed for any and all repairs.


There are all types of hinges that can be installed to various doors, whether it be a simple wooden door or a commercial access door. But a hinge is not made up of one entire piece, there are a few pieces that make up a hinge such as a leaf, knuckle, pin and sleeves. A leaf is also known as the wing of the hinge, has two flat parts, one of which screws into the door and the other into the door frame thus securing the door and the frame together in the end. The knuckle is the middle part of the hinge, it is the cylinder part of the hinge where the leaves meet and allows for the door to have fluid motion. The pin is a long piece that slides into the knuckle which keeps the two leaves together in place. Then you have the sleeves, it is the round piece that make up the knuckle which holds the pin in place and with that, a hinge allows for your door to function properly. Those are the main parts that make up a simple door hinge. There are several varieties of hinges to choose from. For instance, there is a flush hinge, ball bearing hinge, case hinge, strap hinge and heavy-duty hinge and the list goes on and on. The door repair and replacement technicians at Etobicoke Garage Doors and Doors can assist you with a wide variety of hinges to aid in your door repair. If you need to replace or repair the door at your residence or business, please call the door repair and replacement technicians at Etobicoke Garage Door And Doors and one of our door repair and replacement experts will be on his way to assist you shortly.



A door closer is a device that allows a door to close in a proper manner, avoiding it from slamming right after someone manually opens it or even after it automatically opens. Closers can be used in a wide variety of purposes such as they close and fasten the door in a controlled method. It can prevent injuries and damage to property when installed correctly. Door closers adds security and safety to your business or home by controlling the manner of how it closes. Closers allow for fire doors to be kept completely closed at all times which entails keeping the fire at bay while everyone exits the building. If it fails to maintain the doors closed then you need to contact a door repair company as soon as possible to get that fix and back to working order. The technology of door closers ensures a controlled closure of the door. For instance, a door closer prevents injury to a person with disabilities or a small child who would not be able to resist the full weight of the door. Our door repair and replacement technicians at Etobicoke Garage Doors and Doors are available to assist you in repairing your door closer 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Just give us a call and we will dispatch a door repair and replacement technician to your location as soon as possible.


Just like hinges, door closers come in a wide variety also. Even though they all serve the same function there is still different sizes and styles. For example, some are a better fit for manual doors, electromagnetic doors or automatic doors. The perfect door closer will depend on the use of the door closer such as surfaced mounted closers and concealed in frame, in-door or in-floor closers. And like anything now a days, door closers need to be maintained to keep operating properly and even replaced if need be. If you begin to notice that your door is failing to close, has no spring tension, oil stains on the floor or fails to close fully than you need to call on a professional to service your door closer. When a door closer is no longer working properly than it is not doing its job of providing security and accessibility to people in the building. Without a door closer your door may open violently because someone might deliberately do so or it can be due to the wind. If so, call the door repair and replacement experts at Etobicoke Garage Doors and Doors to help repair your door closer today and we’ll be sure to have your door back up and in operational condition in no time. Call our team of service representatives to schedule your next appointment.


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There is a variety of doors that our team of door repair and replacement technicians can replace when the time arises for you to replace your door. Over time doors as well as their parts can wear down and break and need to be replaced.  that is why Etobicoke Garage Doors and Doors team is here to provide assistance with replacing your door whenever you may need us. A simple malfunction that you may ignore such as squeaking can lead to worsening problems that end with your door needing to be replaced. Seeing as a door is a main point of entry to anyone’s home or business, it’s important to have it in good working condition always, which for that to happen means it requires regular maintenance checks. Our door repair and replacement technicians are put through in-depth training and are insured, bonded as well as advised of proper etiquette protocol. We will arrive on site with our vehicles that are equipped with all the necessary tools as well as materials needed to replace any or all doors issues. The team of door repair and replacement technicians here at Etobicoke Garage Doors and Doors is committed to providing our customers with high quality services at an affordable rate for situations like needing a door replacement. We promise that there will never be an up charge for any emergency situation as every call we receive is equally as urgent to us. Our emergency door replacement services are provided around the clock to our customers ensuring that they not need to worry about who to call in an emergency situation. Our customer service team is ready and willing to dispatch one of our door replacement technicians 24 hours a day 7days a week to assist the community of Etobicoke in any way possible with their door replacement needs.